Ed and Becky go down to the woods

Earlier this week I was asked to go along with Becky on a site visit to Westonbirt. The National Arboretum contains a stunning mix of trees from native oaks to Japanese acers and even some award winning trees.

Our visit started with a walk to the Tree Management Centre where we saw photographed the amazing interpretation piece The Way Design team had designed. The piece was difficult to shoot because of its location and the sun position but every good photographer should be able to think on their feet (or tummy in my case!) and adapt to the conditions. I decided that the best shot was going to be found by lying on the floor inside a tire tunnel. After rolling around on the floor looking down the viewfinder; probably looking like a lost seal looking for a way back to the sea, I found the shot and captured the image we had spent so long looking for.

Blog photo 1

Next we went to Silk Wood over the amazing Treetop Walkway. Whilst on the treetop walkway you feel at one with the Arboretum and get to see the trees from a whole new angle. Silk Wood was vast woodland with lots of winding paths through it. We also saw how the trees are grown to promote good growth and maximize their reproduction.

Finally, we explored the Old Arboretum where we were dwarfed by the huge trees ­– walking down Lime Avenue felt like going down a giants drive! The trees were all varied in colour and all had a slightly different look to them. I was amazed how many different varieties of tree were in such a small area. There was also a tree that particularly stood out because of its bright yellowy green leaves.

Blog photo 2

As my time with The Way Design comes to an end, I realised how much I have learnt about the creative industry and what clients really want. I would like to thank India, Howard, Becky and of course Betsy (the office dog) for allowing me to come and work with them, it’s been awesome!


Ed goes walkabout in Bristol

blog photo1


My name is Ed – I am an aspiring photographer from York and love going into town taking street photos and telling stories through my images. I am spending two weeks interning with The Way Design to experience the real world creative industry. I have really enjoyed my time here so far, despite being Betsy the office dog’s new favourite toy!

So there I was, standing on a busy Bristol street after disembarking my bus. It was a feeling that I could only describe as if I was Neil Armstrong setting foot on the moon for the first time. Although, in reality it was only one small step off a bus it really felt like a giant leap. Suddenly I found myself alone in an alien city with nothing but my trusty camera bag and a tourist map with a highlighted route marked on. India had selected some places for me to visit and explore the city including local attractions.

Once I had worked out where I was, I aimed for the Christmas Steps. This seemed like it would be a simple task as it was so close to where I started. Little did I know that the distraction of a new place to photograph and confusion of road and building work would throw me off course so much! I suddenly found myself standing on the Harbourside looking over to the M Shed. I had no idea how I had managed to get there but decided to explore the next attraction on my list.

The M Shed was fantastic! It was lovely to learn a bit about the history of Bristol and see how it has changed over time. Around the M Shed there were some fantastic photo opportunities with some amazing riverside railway tracks and other industrial equipment.

Next, I visited Underfall Yard. I had a good look around the visitor centre where I learnt how they control the river and keep the industrial and residential properties safe. There is also a fantastic water taxi service that can take you across Bristol via the Avon so I decided to take advantage of it to get back to the city centre.

blog photo3


After that I went to explore the streets more and really focus on getting some photos. After walking around aimlessly looking for some interesting subjects, I stumbled across a dark, grimy alley. Now dark alleyways are my usual stomping ground in York, however being in a new city I had no idea what I would find. I cautiously entered and was immediately blown away by the quality of the graffiti, or street art as I like to call it. The artwork ranged from a really detailed image of Charles Darwin to crudely painted images with powerful statements plastered all over them. I was really in awe of one piece of art which was an angry looking wolf, hand drawn with biro on a wooden panel. I saw it and instantly fell in love with the piece and had to get a photo that would do it justice. Moving further down the street I was suddenly greeted by the darker side of the alley. The floor suddenly became littered with needles and rubbish. It was at this point I realised I didn’t really want to hang around there too long!

blog photo2


To finish my trip, I decided to visit the local camera shops and browse the range of brand new cameras. I felt like a kid in a candy shop. I wanted ALL of it. But I was especially happy to try out the brand new D500 which I can only wish for.

After fantasising about future camera equipment, I finally decided it was time to head home and I made my way back to the bus.

You can check out more of my photos and find out more on my Flickr, Instagram and Facebook pages. #ExploringBristol