This month map comes from Britain’s king of mapping – The Ordance Survey.

This beautiful data map was created by Charley Glynn, one of their cartographic designers. Charley extracted all of the public route information and created a series of stunning data visualisations to showcase town and city route favourites.

People who created routes for their outdoors adventures had logged almost every bit of British coastline. It neatly frames the rest of the data and gives the illusion you are looking at a map of Great Britain. The darker, thicker areas illustrate the higher concentration of routes and reveal popularity.

We love the fact this map gives a completely new view of Britain, with our National Parks playing the key role.

You can see a full list of the most popular cities and towns below.


Top 10 cities and towns and number of routes

Keswick – 1746

Ambleside – 1619

Guildford – 1146

City of Westminster – 1129

Richmond upon Thames – 1099

Winchester – 1089

Leeds – 1072

Sheffield – 1043

Bath – 1041

Bakewell – 1006