Field guides for creatives

Design / Print

We were proud to work alongside Brunel Print, a creative litho and digital printer based in south Bristol, to design an exciting series of creative field guides. The set of four A5 landscape books covered the subjects of: Ink, Print, Paper and Finishing.

The set of guides were designed with ‘boy scout’ field guides in mind, resulting in a fun and vintage feel.  It was very important to us to make the content as accessible and digestible as possible. The main aim for the guides was to inform people such as account managers and juniors who work in the creative industry ­who may not be confident, or are new to the more technical side of design and print, to understand the process and designer jargon.

Brunel Print wanted to show off their capabilities to the maximum. This was a dream for us as we could incorporate a multitude of techniques and finishings with creative flair throughout the guides such as: foil blocking, laser cutting, Scodix and white ink. Each guide was also bound differently to demonstrate the binding methods available.

The set of four guides were launched at Marketing Week Live in May and distributed by Brunel at various events up and down the country.

India & The Way team are great to work with. The BrunelPrint Field Guide suite was a very complicated project requiring a considerable amount of lateral, creative thinking. The designs they came up with were very creative, presented on time and exactly on brief. I will certainly be seeking their input on future projects. – John Tugman, Director of Commercial Print, BrunelPrint