Walk Bishopston

Design / Interpretation / Maps

Let’s Walk Bishopston is a community-led social inclusion project put together by the Bishopston, Cotham and Redland Neighbourhood Partnership. The main aim of the project is to give people the confidence and knowledge to enjoy walking around their neighbourhoods.

At The Way, we were fortunate enough to get involved in the project once the routes had been selected and were being tested by the walking teams.

We started on a master map, which we drew up using base data from the GIS and Mapping team at the council and combined with the findings of the walking teams. We needed to make sure it was clear for those with colour blindness issues, so chose a monotonal palette of greens and blue. This can also be printed at home in black and white and still be legible. The map also shows information which you wouldn’t normally find on OS data, such as locations of bus stops and benches, pedestrian crossings and hills (without the confusing contours).

The final printed outcomes for the project were an A3-A5 fold-out map with a short desciption for each route, A5 route flyers with map and detailed information and A3 posters for community notice boards.

The maps are available to pick up for free from various locations on Gloucester Road as well as downloadable from the Council’s website.