Walking Guides

Design / Maps / Print

The South Downs National Park rebranded in summer 2014. We were asked to create a new walking leaflet style in the new shared identity brand to be used as a template for all future walking and cycling leaflets. In addition, we needed to create a new map style from scratch which sat within the brand guidelines, using the colour palette and font whilst being legible and easy to follow (redrawn from OS and GIS data). Several stakeholders were involved who needed to be consulted in the development of the leaflet style. The content supplied by the park authority included: SDNPA messaging, point of interest details, countryside code, getting there, area map, and the trail info and map itself which all needed to work clearly on these 8pp and 12pp leaflets. Sustainable transport is encouraged for visitors to get to the area, by giving public transport information on the back and on the map rather than parking information.

We rolled out this design to a further five 12pp (A3-DL) walk and ride guides in this new style. We have also started working on a new set of leaflets for SDNPA cycle rides and long distance trails ­– these include cycling-focused content and an allocated colour scheme.

“Just received the printed Liphook and Milland leaflet. They look brilliant – everyone is really pleased with them.”
– Rebecca Saunders, Communications Officer